Defiance College - Cheer & Dance

Swarm the Floor Cheer & Dance Competition

Hosted by:  Defiance College Cheer & Dance

The competition is open to school squads, all-star teams and individuals.  Schools that have competition squads can also participate if ALL members are current members of the official school squad and must attend the school they represent.  Participants can compete in more than one division.

February 23rd

Ages: 3-18
By February 1st | $75 per team
After February 1st | $100 per team



Defiance College - Karl Weaner Center

701 North Clinton Street

Defiance, OH  43512

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10:30am | Doors Open
10:30am-12:30pm | Team Registrations
TBD (Depends on number of teams)  | Warm-ups begin
12:45pm | Head Coaches Meeting
1:15pm | Competition Begins

DIVISIONS   •   2019-2020 GRADES

School Cheer & Dance Squads                                          

  • Mini – 3rd grade and under
  • Pee Wee – 6th grade and under
  • Jr. High/Middle School Cheer – 5th-8th grade        
  • Jr. High/Middle School Dance – 5th-8th grade    
  • Freshman – 9th grade only                
  • JV – 9th-11th grade Cheer
  • JV – 9th-11th grade Dance
  • Small Varsity – Dance – 10 or less – 9th-12th grade
  • Large Varsity – Dance – 11 or more – 9th-12th grade
  • Small Varsity – Non-Tumbling – 10 or less – 9th-12th grade
  • Large Varsity – Non-Tumbling - 11 or more – 9th-12th grade
  • Small Varsity – Tumbling – 10 or less – 9th-12th grade
  • Large Varsity – Tumbling - 11 or more – 9th-12th grade
  • Small Varsity – Non-Mount – 10 or less – 9th-12th grade
  • Large Varsity – Non-Mount - 11 or more – 9th-12th grade
  • Small Varsity – Mount – 10 or less – 9th-12th grade
  • Large Varsity – Mount - 11 or more – 9th-12th grade
  • Fight Song – 12th grade and under

All-Star Cheer & Dance Squads

  • Mini All-Stars – 2nd grade and under
  • Youth All Stars – 5th grade and under
  • Junior All-Stars – 8th grade and under
  • Senior All-Stars – 12th grade and under            

***Three or less teams in any division may be combined at the discretion of the competition organizers.



1.  All teams must have at least 3 members.  No limit on squad size except Small Varsity, which is 11 members or less.  Mascots are allowed to compete; however, they will be counted as a squad member.  All participants must be in uniform.

2.  Performance time limit is 3 minutes for TEAMS.   Performance time limit for FIGHT SONG is 1 minute 30 seconds.  Teams may spirit only while being introduced next to the mat.  When they take their positions, they will walk quickly onto the mat, place their signs/poms and go to their starting position.  One cheerleader shall raise their arm to signal the announcer that they are ready to be announced.  Time will begin with the first movement or word by a team member, or the first note of music, after the announcer says, “You may now begin your competition”.  Time will end after the last motion of the routine is held for two seconds.  Squads should quickly exit off the mat upon completion of routine.  You will be penalized 1 point for each second over the 3-minute time limit for teams and 1:30 fight song.

3.  Each team must perform at least one cheer and one dance, in any order.

4.  Signs, poms, flags, banners, and megaphones are permitted.  Use of any other prop is prohibited (includes hats, gloves, pieces of material, etc.)

5.  Routine choreography and music selection must be suitable for family viewing.  Inappropriate choreography/music will be penalized 10-point deduction per judge.

6.  The coach or coach appointed representative will be responsible for running their music during the competition.  A sound system with USB CORD or AXULIARY CORD will be provided.   We will not be responsible for technical problems.  In the event your routine is interrupted because of failure of our equipment, facilities, etc., or in the case of a serious injury and your routine needs to completely stop, you will be permitted to restart your routine from the beginning or continue from where you stopped-your choice.  If an interruption occurs due to your coach or appointed representative, your music, your team/individual must continue with their performance with time running or withdraw from the competition.

7.  Each team competitor must be accompanied by a coach or adult 18 years or older.  Only two coaches per squad will be admitted into the competition free of charge.  Cheerleaders must be in uniform for admittance.

8.  NO GLITTER-Includes spray-on glitter!  Glitter in hair, on uniforms, or on signs is prohibited due to issues with clean-up.  Eye glitter is acceptable.  Teams using glitter in any other way will be immediately disqualified and asked to leave the event.

9.  NO JEWELRY ALLOWED!  Belly button jewelry must be removed.  Tattoos must be covered.  10-point penalty per member will be assessed if not followed.

10.  All participants must have a signed SWARM THE FLOOR FORM completed and turned in by team registrations prior to or the day of the event.  All coaches should have Emergency Information Sheets for all squad members with them the day of the competition in case of accidents or emergencies. NO exceptions.

11.  You will receive a confirmation packet by email after the registration deadline, including warm-up time for all teams.  Please be sure to include an email address on your registration form.  Performance order will be determined by competition hosts.

12.  Performance area will be a 54’ x 42’ Cheer Floor.  Tumbling and stunting off the Cheer Floor will result in a 10-point deduction per violation.  Picking up props are permissible.

13.  The competition will take place in the Defiance College Weaner Community Center Gym.  All squads will be issued a warm-up time.  If you miss your scheduled time, you will not get mat time.  Open tumbling will be held after team warm-ups are completed in the McMaster Gym on mats.  The auxiliary gym will be available for practice at any time after all teams have had their second warm-up time.  Please be courteous to other teams.  

14.  Prizes will be awarded to the first, second, and third place teams in each division.  The top score of the over-all school competition will determine Grand Champions. 

15.  No coolers will be permitted.  A concession stand will be open during the event.

16.  There will be three qualified judges scoring the competition.  If entries of teams are high, we will use six judges, where three judges will alternate judging and will judge their respective divisions throughout the competition.  All judging and rule interpretations are final.

17.  Late registration may be accepted after the deadline of February 1, 2020.  Late registration will be subject to a $25 late fee and team name may not appear on the shirts.

18.  Mounting teams must provide their own spotters.

19.  You will enter the floor from the east doors of the lobby and exit at the west doors.

20.  Deductions:  10 points per judge for inappropriate music/moves, requirement violations, safety, wearing of jewelry, visible tattoo, wearing of glitter (other than face), spirited entrance after being told to begin, tumbling or stunting out of bounds, 1 point for each second over the 3-minute time limit for teams and 1:30 for fight song.

21.  In case of a tie, the team/individual with the highest crowd appeal/ showmanship score will be declared the winner.

22.  The SWARM THE FLOOR organizers have the right to add, change, delete, or combine divisions.


Refunds will ONLY be given when we receive a written notice provided from the head coach stating why you will not be able to attend.  There will be NO refunds after February 1, 2020.  Refund requests will be reviewed by the COMPETITION administrators. All approved refunds will incur a $20.00 administration fee which will be deducted from your refund amount.


If you have questions, please call/text Carol Botek at 419-439-3498 ‚óŹ